Currently there are approximately 4,000 Chinese in Switzerland who have higher education background.

  • About 1,000 have graduated from Swiss Universities with a master or doctor title. Many of them are members of “Chinese Association of Science and Technology, Switzerland (CASTS)”.
  • More than 1,000 Chinese students in the 12 academic universities like ETH and EPFL. Most of them will obtain a master or doctor degree when they graduate. Many of them are members of CASTS.
  • About 1,000 Chinese Students in Swiss universities of applied sciences, art schools and management schools. Some of them are members of CASTS.

Since many years, the Swiss- Chinese Association (SCA), together with CASTS and Chinese student unions, has been organizing company visits (esp. at large international Swiss enterprises) for Chinese students and scholars in Switzerland. However, there have been no follow-up events arranged so far with job and apprenticeship information for such highly qualified attendees. On the other hand, many large, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which aim at expanding their business in China, have limited experience and access to the Chinese job market.

Therefore, the idea was brought up by SCA and CASTS to organize a Swiss-Chinese Job Fair (or Swiss-Chinese Career Symposium) for those highly qualified experts with promising performance potential, because they have experience in both Chinese and Swiss cultures. The SCJF will create a direct exchange platform for the Human Resource departments (HR) of Swiss companies and those talents.

Swiss Chinese Association (SCA)

The Swiss Chinese Association (SCA) has been found more than 70 years ago by renowned individuals from industry, politics and universities. Its founders and members have either lived in China for several years or have developed year‐long ties with this fascinating country. Their interest in the people, the culture and economic and social development of China goes beyond the standard cliché which are still prevailing in many parts of the Western world.

Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Switzerland (CASTS)

The Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Switzerland (CASTS) was founded in July 2004 in Bern. CASTS is dedicated to set up a strong communicative network among its members; to facilitate fruitful dialogue and intellectual exchange between academic institutions and applied industry; to promote bilateral communication and collaboration of science and technology between Switzerland and China.

CASTS has more than 1000 registered members distributed all over Switzerland.

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